Stainless Steel Bakki Showers

Stainless Steel Bakki Showers from Dolphin Fabrications represent the pinnacle of koi pond filtration

Based in the heart of Sheffield, the “Steel City” Dolphin Fabrications are a leading designer, supplier and installer of steel fabrications including bespoke stainless steel bakki showers across the UK.

Our high quality stainless steel bakki showers are made from 304 grade stainless steel, which provides a hygienic fabrication to maximise cleanliness, whilst also boasting a classy and modern appearance.

What Are Steel Bakki Showers?

Koi fish ponds are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any commercial or domestic garden, restaurant or social space, but only if they are kept looking fresh and clean.

Originally developed by ancient Japanese koi farmers, bakki showers are man made metal or plastic structures that are designed to simulate the way water flows naturally through rocks and down streams.

The aim of a stainless steel bakki shower is to ensure that pond water is properly filtered and kept moving to avoid the build up of algae and other pond bacteria, which tends to build up when water remains static for too long.

Using a system of tiers, water is pushed by a pump to the top of the shower and then flows naturally through the tiers and back out into the pond, keeping water moving consistently

What Types Of Bakki Shower Do We Offer?

Our bakki showers are available in either 3 or 4 tiers depending on the size and space available in and around your fish pond, and come supplied with or without optional mesh tops.

We recommend a 4 tier bakki shower with a mesh top for maximum filtration of your pond water.

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