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We are seeing an increasing amount of insurance companies insisting that commercial kitchen operators periodically clean and maintain their ventilation systems. The reason for this is because the canopy and the ducting can become a fire hazard if not maintained. The canopy itself is designed to capture not only the heat from cooking but also the air borne fats. The baffle filters within the canopy trap the fats which are then collated within the removable ‘grease-trays’. Naturally therefor the baffle filters themselves harbour a significant amount of grease as does the fabric of the canopy itself.

We therefore provide a service whereby we undertake the cleaning of the canopy. It typically takes a full day and involves two of our operatives. We use all the necessary safe chemicals recommended to break down grease and cleanse st/steel. Importantly we like to provide before and after photographs as evidence of the works completed.

Continuing with the topic of grease congestion & fire hazards we are also able to clean both the ducting and fans. It is worth mentioning that in our industry we discover many poorly qualified companies that provide a canopy-only cleaning service but very few that will go as far as the ducting and fans. We believe this is because training, equipment and experience are all vital for its success.

Because we already install ventilation systems we have all these requirements enabling us to clean the ducting and fans. Worth noting also is the added benefit that not only will a clean fan present less of a fire-hazard but it will also perform better and last longer.

We understand that a lot of ventilation systems that require cleaning are old and were installed during times of what have become non-conformant compliances. In simple terms sites do not clean their duct work because they cannot access it. Indeed, if this is the situation we are willing and able to fit access hatches in order to alleviate this problem. The access hatches are easily removable and replaceable for any future maintenance works.

Our reporting method not only provides the end-user with evidence of the works completed but it also exists as a vital document for the insurance company and for any investigatory body should a fire occur.

Dolphin engineers are fully qualified and trained to fit and access ducting systems. Our on-site engineers have operator training certificates for Mobile Vertical and Mobile Boom lifting equipment, PASMA tower certificates, PASMA site ID cards, CSCS cards, Abrasive Wheel Training certificates and Asbestos Awareness certificates.

Like the canopies and vent systems we also fully deep clean the kitchen equipment. This includes all the cookline, the refrigeration, prep stations, dry storage and ware washing. We again provide before and after reports.


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