Gas Interlock Systems

We install Gas Interlock Systems

Dolphin Catering Fabrications Limited oversee the complete installation of gas interlock systems including supplying & fitting the gas solenoid valve, undertaking all field wiring required and wiring/commissioning the panel and fans.

What Are Gas Interlock Systems?

Gas interlock systems are a preventative measure which shut off the gas flow in the event of an extraction fan failure.

This vital safety feature is mandatory in commercial kitchens to protect the staff should the kitchen extraction system fail, preventing gas from continuing to be pumped into the kitchen.

It works by using sensors which are placed on the kitchen extraction unit to monitor the air pressure. The gas interlock system sensors will monitor changes in air pressure and if a significant change is registered they send a signal to cut off the gas supply.

Natural gas is significantly heavier than oxygen so the sensors are looking for increases in air pressure which would indicate an extraction system failure.