Stainless Steel Heated Gantries

Steel Heated Gantries are ideal for keeping your food hot and ready to serve.

Explore our range of stainless steel heated gantries for your commercial kitchen space. They are ideal for keeping your kitchen area clean and keeping food hot and ready to serve. See how we can help you below.

What Are Heated Gantries?

Stainless steel heated gantries are shelving that is commonly used in catering environments, when the standard of cleanliness and hygiene needs to be high.

Often the presentation of your food, and the appearance of your kitchen environment can be just as important as the look and taste of the food you produce. With stainless steel heating gantries from Dolphin Fabrications, you can enjoy a visually appealing product, that’s easy to clean and fit for purpose.

Why Use Heated Gantries?

No matter what the purpose a heated gantry can help to keep your food products at optimum temperature, whilst waiting for serving. You can ensure that the food you offer your customers meets perfect serving temperature and is visually appealing whilst in holding.

What Options Are Available?

We manufacture, supply and install stainless steel heated gantries, made by our experts in the heart of the “Steel City” of Sheffield.

We can manufacture our products to your exact specifications. Our heated gantries come fully welded and can be made in single, double or triple tiers depending on the size required for your outlet.

As well as this, we also offer options such as under shelving, additional hot cupboards and can supply your new heated gantries with differing heat lamps, depending on your specification.

You may choose to have one switch for all tiers on your gantry, or individual switches for each tier so you can control which shelves are for hot and cold food, and save energy.

Heated Gantries Highlights

Dolphin Catering Fabrications offer both standard & bespoke heated gantries which are available, manufactured to customers specifications

  • Manufactured from 1.5 304 grade stainless steel
  • Single, double or triple tiered units
  • Tier temperature controls

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Sheffield Stainless Steel Used To Make Our Heated Gantries

Our company is proud to call Sheffield home, where we have strong connections to the local heritage, particularly the steel industry. With years of experience, we’re committed to making top-quality Sheffield steel products, like our stainless steel Heated Gantries.

Our stainless steel heated gantries are unique, boasting both elegant design and excellent hygiene, with easy upkeep. These features make it perfect for various applications, especially where cleanliness and durability are key, like with our stainless steel heated gantries.

How Dolphin Fabrications Can Help You?

At Dolphin Fabrications, we excel in crafting, delivering, and setting up high-quality stainless steel heated gantries across South Yorkshire and the UK. We take pride in seamlessly designing, making, and installing your new system, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.

In addition to our stainless steel heated gantries, we offer a diverse range of other stainless steel products that cater to your unique requirements. These products include stainless steel bar countertops, charcoal grills, and stainless steel wall cladding for your restaurant and bar.

If you require personalised stainless steel items, we can tailor-make them according to your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to deliver products and services that go beyond your expectations.

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Stainless Steel Heated Gantries FAQs

What are the hot lights used for on the heated gantry?

The hot lights on the heated gantry are typically used for keeping food warm and well-presented before serving. It is also used to light up the service area for workers as well, so they can have better visibility. They help to keep the temperature of the food consistent and safe until it is served

How hot do heat lamps for heated gantries keep food?

Heat lamps typically keep food at temperatures ranging from 140°F to 165°F (60°C to 74°C), helping to maintain warmth and prevent food from cooling down too quickly.

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