Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Our Stainless Steel Wall Cladding keeps your walls hygienic. It’s the ideal solution for kitchen areas where cleanliness is extremely important.

What Is Stainless Steel Wall Cladding?

Stainless steel wall cladding typically consists of standard 0.9mm thick sheet metal that is cut to measure, and comes in either dull or circular polished finish.

It can be fitted in all areas of commercial kitchen spaces including between appliances, underneath canopies and around benches, sinks and other kitchen features.

What Sheet Metal Is Used In Our Stainless Steel Cladding?

Based in Sheffield, in the heart of the “Steel City”, we make use of the finest quality stainless steel on offer. Our steel is stylish, yet practical. In addition, stainless steel is very hygienic compared to other metals and it is much easier to clean. This makes it ideal for any commercial kitchen environment.

How Can We Help You With Stainless Steel Cladding?

Dolphin Fabrications can measure, supply and install stainless steel wall cladding. We use stainless steel jointers and end caps to ensure a neat and tidy finish. 

Most of our wall cladding is fitted using adhesive rather than screws, as this ensures a smoother and neater finish to the overall look and finish of the wall cladding. 

Our wall cladding is proven to be a lot more hygienic, as germs and grease cannot accumulate easily on the sheet metal. This makes it a suitable solution for business premises such as kitchens where keeping the area clean is especially important.

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sheet metal wall cladding

As well as steel sheet metal cladding we can also offer White PVC coated wall cladding.

Sheffield Stainless Steel Used To Make Our Wall Cladding

Located in the city of Sheffield, our company holds a deep sense of pride in our strong ties to the local heritage, especially the steel industry that defines the region. With a wealth of expertise over a number of years, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional Sheffield steel products of the highest calibre. This includes our stainless steel wall cladding.

Our stainless steel wall cladding stands apart, not only for its refined aesthetics but also for its outstanding hygienic properties and effortless maintenance. These qualities make it the ideal option for a wide range of uses. In particular when it comes to our stainless steel wall cladding, where cleanliness and durability are of utmost importance.

How Dolphin Fabrications Can Help You?

At Dolphin Fabrications, our speciality is in manufacturing, supplying, and installing high-quality stainless steel wall cladding in South Yorkshire and throughout the United Kingdom. Our pride is in our ability to design, create, fabricate and install your new system with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

In addition to our stainless steel wall cladding and steel wall canopies, we offer a diverse range of other stainless steel products that cater to your unique requirements. These products include stainless steel bar countertops, charcoal grills, and heated gantries for your restaurant and bar.

If you need customized stainless steel products we can create them to your specifications. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide you with products and services that exceed your expectations.

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Stainless steel wall cladding FAQ’s

What thickness should stainless steel wall cladding be?

It is recommended that stainless steel cladding be 0.9mm in thickness. It should have a dull polish, quick and easy-to-join trims, end caps and safe hand corner angles.

What are the benefits of stainless steel wall cladding?

Stainless steel wall cladding has many benefits. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Heat and fire-resistant
  • Hygienic
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