Bain Maries

Our fine quality steel bain maries are perfect for the modern kitchen

Dolphin Fabrications design, manufacture and supply kitchens and restaurants across the UK with compact and efficient food serving devices, including bain maries.

What Is A Bain Marie?

Essentially a bain-marie is a water bath designed to gradually cook food or to keep it warm.

Bain-marie units are often integrated into hot cupboard units and benefit from the heat convection inside the hot cupboard, reducing power consumption and increasing kitchen efficiency.

Why Are Bain Maries Made Using Stainless Steel?

More often than not, bain maries are made using quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great conductor of heat, and is an easy material to clean and maintain. Its durability and robustness make it the ideal material of choice for bain maries, especially those being used in a commercial kitchen.

Why Choose Dolphin Fabrications?

Based in the heart of the “Steel City” we have been using fine quality stainless steel to manufacture bain maries for decades, we have the expertise to be able to design, manufacture and deliver bain maries to you and can produce them to your ideal specification. 

We can also supply other appliances to support your bain marie including heated gantries, hot cupboards, tabling and much more.

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