Steel Counters & Service Centres

Our Steel Counters & Service Centres are made to the highest standards

Stainless steel counters and service centres make a great first impression for customers and visitors to your business. They are easy to clean, durable and hygienic. We offer a wide range of steel counters and service centres all manufactured to bespoke customer specifications.

Whether you need them customer facing, or in the back of your business, steel counters and service centres make a stylish and practical addition. They are especially ideal for sterile areas in your business, such as kitchens and cooking areas.

Why not take advantage of our laser cut service, and you’ll find many benefits to having your own bespoke stainless steel counter that’s personalised to meet your needs.

Combine Your Steel Counter With Other Steel Fabrications

As part of our custom made service, we can modify your steel counters and service centres to include heated gantries, fridges, storage units, shelving and much more. Simply ask our experts and they’ll be more than happy to design a solution that works for you.

Add The Finishing Touches Out Front

If your steel counter is customer facing then you may wish to choose a lighting option to illuminate your counter. We can install LED strip lighting and a number of lighting options to make your new fabrication really stand out.

Get In Touch For A Free Quotation & Advice On Your New Counter Or Service Centre

We have an expert team of advisors on call, ready and waiting to assist you with your enquiry.

If you wish to know more about our stainless steel counters and service centres, or if you’d like a free quote then please contact us via our contact page form, or by giving us a call on 0114 276 9000.


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